Monday, November 21, 2016

First Week in Elyria, Ohio - LDS Sister Missionaries

Dearest Friends and Family,

I'm in Ohio! Wow. Crazy to think just last week I was at the MTC still.

Me and my temporary companion on the flights to Ohio had 2 great experiences talking to the people who sat next to us on the airplanes. The first flight we talked to a lady for 2 hours straight. She wasn't interested in the gospel, but we got to know one another and it was SO awesome to see such great people in the world.

The next flight, I sat next to Kevin, and we answered questions he had about the church and Joseph Smith and he was also super awesome.

Honestly, I was afraid to talk to those people, but I knew I had to... cause if I can talk to random people on the airplane I can talk to random people in Ohio :). 

Sister Garvin, Sister Lundquist - MTC Companions

5 things to say:

1. A tender mercy was seeing Brother and Sister Thompson from a Provo home ward - who was my Brother Andrews best young men'​s leader - they bought us lunch, and gave hugs, and sent my momma some photos of me :)! What are the 'odds' that we were on the exact same flight, going to Cleveland Ohio?! NOT! It's a total tender mercy!

2. My brother gets home from his mission tomorrow. Gosh, it's been tough not being able to see him for 3 1/2 years, but I know he will be blessed in his future, and over and over again Heavenly Father is reminding me everything happens for a reason, and that I'm called at this time to Ohio, with the companions I'll have, to meet the people I will meet for a reason. It still can be hard at times.... which brings me to say that this week has been tough.

3.It was one of the hardest things to say goodbye to my district friends (especially the Elders because we won't be able to stay in contact on the mission) and my beautiful MTC companion (shown in picture above).... but we had the opportunity to go to the Kirtland temple and have time to pray in the school of the prophets in the Newell K. Whitney store - and start off our missions by praying to God what we would like to accomplish, and align our wills to His. That was an amazing experience.

4. When I was struggling last Friday, a older single sister missionary in the mission came up to me and told me not to be discouraged and keep going in faith. I know she felt inspired to tell me those words because I needed to hear them.

5. Communication is KEY in a successful life. It's something I need to improve on for sure. I think some of the hard things I've been dealing with this week is clearly communicating well. So, I'm going to try to do better this week and will let you know how it goes.

I love you all. God truly is preparing the portion of mankind he gives us so we can share the gospel with them. A question to ask ourselves, "Am I blessing that portion of mankind God has given me to the best of my abilibty?"

I also invite us all to count our blessings more, look for the tender mercies God has given us, and if we are shy... break out of that shyness and reach out to others and get to know them. Chances are they are wanting friends and people to talk to as much as we are.

Till next week.


Sister Garvin
Kirtland, Ohio - Temple

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